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Which is Better a Samsung Or an LG Phone?

When it comes to phones, Samsung has the edge over LG. Samsung has many different models to suit every price range and is constantly evolving. LG had a lot of innovative ideas, but they were largely lacking a clear strategy or differentiation. While the company did leave a huge impact on the industry, it is difficult to say it has the edge over Samsung anymore. LG isn’t even in the same class as Samsung.

LG’s G5 offers a full metal body and a fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button. However, it is slower than the Samsung Galaxy S7’s sensor, which is located in the home button. Additionally, the metal build feels a bit plasticky. Despite these advantages, the LG G5 has a modular design and doesn’t have noticeable reception bands. This makes it a better choice for many users.

Despite Samsung’s early success in the foldable smartphone market, LG is lagging behind. The company is poised to triple their investment in this market. Although the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and LG’s newer Galaxy Z Flip still have room for improvement, they represent a leap forward in the foldable phone market. Samsung designed the phones with concrete use cases in mind, while LG has not yet learned this lesson.

The Galaxy S20 is currently the flagship phone of both companies, but the Velvet is a compelling alternative. Both have impressive designs, and the Velvet has better battery life. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is better for performance and mobile photography. LG’s Velvet demonstrated the company’s risk-taking flair. When it comes to aesthetics, LG put a lot of effort into creating a unique design.

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