Where You Can Use Custom Poly Mailers

If unsure where to begin, consider purchasing a bundle of mailers to try out the process. This way, you will better understand how your design will look when fully created. You’ll also avoid spending money on mailers that might not work. Here we will tell you about custom poly mailers.


If you’re selling e-commerce products, you might wonder where to buy custom poly mailers to ship your products. This type of packaging is lightweight, tear-resistant, and made of 100% polyethylene. It’s great for shipping apparel and other non-fragile items. It also features an easy-to-open tear tab and a self-seal adhesive strip.

These are available in both standard and insulated versions. Alibaba has every type of poly mailer. The latter is the most cost-effective option. The regular white version has no bubble padding and is best for items that aren’t too fragile.


Poly mailers can be a useful marketing tool for retailers. Printed with your brand logo, mailers can attract potential customers and increase brand awareness. However, you should also consider the message you want to send with your mailer. For example, if you sell various products, you might want to let your customers know about your launched products.

Generally, poly mailers fit many different products, including those with unique shapes. They are compact and do not take up much space during shipping or delivery. Poly mailers are also an environmentally-friendly option.


If shipping small accessories or clothing, you should consider using a poly mailer to protect the items. This will ensure that the items do not fold over or become damaged during shipping. The mailer should with tissue paper or other cushioning material. Otherwise, the items might fly out when you open the package.

They are also easy to customize, which makes them a great option for different packaging products. You can have a customized shipping label printed on the front, ensuring the recipient does not miss it. You can also choose different colored mailers to add an extra pop.

Eco-friendly companies

Custom poly mailers are a great option for companies that want to make their shipments stand out from the crowd. Aside from being customizable, poly mailers can feature a company’s logo, colors, and imagery. Many packaging companies also offer eco-friendly packaging options, such as biodegradable and recycled mailers.

Poly mailers are recyclable, which means you can recycle them at any facility that accepts soft plastics. In addition, recycled poly mailers you can make into something else. When choosing the type of poly mailer you want to use, check the recycling regulations in your city or area.

Shipping companies

Alibaba poly mailers are a great way to market your business. They are reusable and can hold various items, including non-fragile goods. They can also be customized and integrated into your overall operations. These mailers are commonly used for e-commerce fulfillment and can have custom printing and kitting options. Custom printing and kitting options can help you promote your business better than competitors.

Final Words

Custom poly mailers are also a cost-effective shipping option. Since they are lightweight and can accommodate a variety of items, they have less shipping costs. They also reduce void fill and dunnage, which can save you money.

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