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What App Was People Using Before Instagram?

Before Instagram, many people were using Burbn, a location-based iPhone application. Users could check in at locations, plan for future check-ins, and earn points by hanging out with friends. Users could also post pictures of meet-ups. Since Instagram has become so popular, Burbn is now considered a competitor to Foursquare. Those who have tried the app will likely agree that it’s more fun than using Foursquare.

The app quickly became one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. In just one day, it attracted 25,000 users. It was downloaded more than one million times and reached one billion users worldwide. By the end of its first year, Instagram had over a billion users. The company was so popular that Facebook bought it for $1 billion in 2012.

When Instagram was first launched, users had to submit their photos in square format. Square aspect ratio is the proportional ratio between an image’s height and width. This meant that the height and width had to match the 640-pixel width of an iPhone 4. However, in 2015, this limitation was lifted. Instagram also added the option to upload images of any size. By using this feature, users can share photos and videos with the world, and follow others.

Before Instagram, the popularity of photography had fallen. Instagram encouraged young people to use quirky filtered photos and short video clips to share their lives. It also helped spread the word about famous people and news. Thousands of new users have joined the Instagram community every day. And now, the site boasts over 700 million users, which is more than double Twitter’s total number of users. This new feature will no doubt encourage users to use the app creatively.

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