Is There Currently a New Hubble Telescope Being Assembly?

The next step is the assembly of the telescope’s mirrors, which have been made of beryllium. The telescope’s primary mirror is composed of 18 hexagonal segments. These mirrors have smaller light-collecting areas, so they can observe objects farther away and at a much greater distance. As a result, Hubble is able to see objects 400 million years after the Big Bang, well before any galaxies existed.

As for the future of the telescope, the new Webb telescope is expected to stay in orbit for at least five years. Its lifespan is also dependent on how much fuel it uses to orient itself in space. The Hubble telescope’s performance has been slowly deteriorating since the last upgrade by astronauts in 2009. In June, the telescope’s computer failed and engineers switched to a backup system. In October, several science instruments went offline due to internal communications problems, but they were restored in early December.

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As for the Hubble’s performance, the Webb will be even better. The Webb telescope will observe the sky in wavelengths ranging from visible to mid-infrared, compared to Hubble’s capabilities at the redshift range of 0.7-1.2. It will be able to detect objects at very high redshifts, such as early-Universe galaxies. However, this telescope is sensitive to thermal infrared radiation, so it will need a very cold operating temperature to achieve the best results. As such, it will use a five-layer sunshield to prevent the sun from interacting with its spectral range.

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