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Is it Appropriate to Do a Zoom Interview From Your Bedroom?

Do you think it is appropriate to do a Zoom interview from your bed? If so, you have some things to consider. First, you should find a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed. Try to shut the door so no one will see you. Make sure to turn off the television and shut down the windows. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing to avoid distractions.

It may be tempting to go for a Wi-Fi signal, but this can really derail your video-chat rapport. This won’t only make you look ungracious, but it will also give your interviewer something to worry about. During the Zoom call, keep your screen clear of any distractions, such as social media tabs, games, or personal photos. You’ll also want to shut off notifications, close your personal websites, and make sure your computer screen is set to full-screen mode.

Make sure the room has plenty of lighting, preferably a window. A flat, white wall can make you look ghostly and washed out. Alternatively, choose a room with a natural light source. The lighting is important for the interview, so make sure you choose a neutral background for the interview. Also, test your video, audio, and lighting before you start your Zoom interview.

Remember that the Zoom interviewer can’t see your lower half, so you should dress appropriately. You can wear your office-appropriate attire, but don’t wear PJs or athleisurewear. The goal is to look professional without being too formal. You can also choose to upload a background image. If you’re comfortable with your pajamas, you can conduct the interview in your bedroom, surrounded by piles of dirty laundry or unfiled papers.

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