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How to Search Instagram by Videos Only

You can search for content on Instagram by keyword or phrase. For example, “soccer” will give you results for soccer players or hockey teams, and you can also search for people and locations. After you have your search results, scroll through them to find the ones you’re interested in. Click on one of the results to see the full post or video. If you’re interested in a specific hashtag, you can also search for it by video.

The search bar in Instagram is helpful when you want to see the most recent content. By default, newer content appears at the top of the feed. You may be able to find the content you’re looking for by using the search bar or by doing a site search. In either case, you’ll see the best content from the accounts you choose. In some cases, the results will be irrelevant for your search.

If you don’t want to scroll through endless posts, you can use the hashtag feature. By tapping on a reel, the hashtag, the description, and the audio or effect icon will bring up similar content. Just tap on one of these to listen to it or view it. You’ll also be able to view reels that contain audio tracks or other similar audio and video files. But if you only want to view reels with a video, then you can skip this method.

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