How to Make the Most of Instagram

The Instagram app is a social media site built around the concept of sharing photos and videos. The simplicity of the app’s filters has helped it become wildly popular. While other social networking sites have copied the features of Instagram, it is clear that it has also “borrowed” from similar apps. To make the most of the platform, consider these tips for successful Instagram marketing:

First, use the filters and design tools to customize your post. Instagram offers ten different ways to capture content on the platform. For example, use a colorful background to let your words stand out. You can change the background color by tapping the icon at the bottom or top of your screen. Once you’ve added a photo or video to your Story, you can edit the caption or delete it later. This is a good way to increase engagement.

After opening the app, tap on the profile picture of a user with new posts. You can also slide from right to left to skip to the next person in a section. Stories will continue until the user has exhausted all the posts from all followers. If you don’t want to view the stories of everyone you follow, you can use the Messages icon or Rooms to chat with friends and family. While browsing through the stories of friends, you can also browse the Instagram Explore page to see recent activity on your profile and in your follower’s stories.

Another way to follow others on Instagram is to search the Explore page with the magnifying glass icon. By using the Explore page, you can view users you follow by their username. Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not require friend requests to follow other users. If you find someone you want to follow, you can choose to add them as a follower. And you can always delete the account if you’re not interested in following them. This feature is useful for aspiring influencers, photographers, and everyday users.

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