How Many Light Years Can the Hubble Space Telescope See?

How many light years can the Hubble Spacetelescope see? Hubble’s sensitivity and resolution are so high that it has photographed planets orbiting other stars. In 2008, Hubble photographed exoplanet candidate Fomalhaut b. However, the observatory has also taken images of other alien worlds, but those observations have only been indirect. This is because alien worlds have atmospheres, which block certain wavelengths of starlight. The Hubble observatory can reveal the details of these atmospheres.

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One of the main challenges in interpreting Hubble data is the issue of redshift. Hubble’s redshift record is 10.2 light years, but there’s a big margin of error. The Hubble team didn’t know that the distant object was an “interloper.” So, they used spectroscopy to figure out what they were seeing. Despite Hubble’s limitations, the Hubble can see a few billion light years away.

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Angular resolution is an important measure of resolution. Because Hubble orbits at a high rate, its images are blurred. It would be impossible to image the distant stars without the help of Hubble. If it were able to see farther, Hubble could detect the distance of stars – but not in detail. If Hubble could see further than Earth, it would have to view many more light-years in the process.

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The Hubble Space Telescope uses a 2.4-meter primary mirror to capture images. Its mirror was not designed to focus in its initial launch, and it was repaired by the Space Shuttle Endeavour crew in December 1993. The Hubble is able to see more than two billion stars. The Hubble Space Telescope orbits the Earth once every 97 minutes. If it is able to see those stars, it can observe about 550 million other objects.

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