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How Do I See the App Size in the New Google Play Store?

In the new Google Play store, you can now view the size of the app on your device. Whether your device has 2GB or more of storage space, you can use the App Store’s console to see the size of your app. If your app has more than 2GB of storage space, you can filter the data by that number. You can also sort by size by active users or by uninstalls.

The new Google Play store has made the download size of apps visible. Before, only the developer name and rating were displayed. Now, the download count (in millions or billions) is displayed. However, this information is only visible if you’ve already downloaded the app and have the appropriate permissions. If you’re using an ad-supported browser, you can view the download size if you’ve installed the app.

The size of an app on your device is a critical factor in making a purchase. A large file can take up a lot of disk space. The app size limit is set to ensure that developers write code efficiently and do not have to wait for users to download their application. The limits are designed to balance taking advantage of hardware, targeting a variety of audience, and offering a quick download. However, there are ways to reduce the size of your app without compromising its performance.

In the new Google Play store, developers can upload multiple APKs with the same app listing to target different device configurations. Google has cautioned developers against making their apps too big. They should take into account the data caps and connectivity in their devices. A larger app or game could take longer to download or run on older devices, which increases the risk of users abandoning the app. It is important to make sure your app is compatible with different types of devices.

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