Get a Cat Tree for A Happy Kitty

If you have a feline friend at home, you’ll know how much they love to scratch and climb atop everything. This behaviour comes naturally to cats. You’ll see them on top of the cupboards, racks, window sills, and all kinds of high places at home.

You may try your best to get them away from your expensive furniture, but your attempts may be futile. This is why you may consider buying furniture for your cats. For instance, you can buy cat trees online.

Cat trees can double as scratching posts, climbing posts, and sleeping platforms.

Why Do Cats Love Cat Trees?

Cats love height. You may have noticed that most street cats always perch high on the walls and trees. But, your feline at home does not have this access. So, they choose the furniture at home.

Cat trees are ideal if you have one or multiple cats at home. There are several reasons to add a cat tree at home.

  • Cats love heights: Unlike dogs, your feline friends love high places from where they can keep an eye on everyone’s activities.
  • Enriching activities: Cat trees have several activities and cat toys that keep them engaged. Also, it’s a great form of exercise to climb up and down a cat tree.
  • Gives kittens confidence: Kittens who are shy or new to your home can benefit from a cat tree. It gives them the ideal place to be away from people.
  • Gives them a sense of security: New cats may take time to adjust if you have dogs at home or other cats. And this is why they prefer climbing their tree and checking their surroundings.

How to Get Your Cats to Use Cat Trees?

If a cat tree is new to your house, then your cats may not be interested in it initially. You have to help them feel comfortable around the tree and encourage them to use it. Once they get used to the tree, they will soon start spending more time on it.

Here are a few tips to help them get used to the new cat tree:

  • Place it in a position they like: Does your cat have a favourite corner at home? You can place the tree in their favourite corner as the location of the tree is more important than other factors.
  • Keep some treats near the tree: Cats cannot resist treats. Keep some treats on top of the tree, so they get rewarded for climbing to the top.
  • Provide them with space: Ask your kids not to disturb the cats while perching on the cat tree shelf. They should know that it’s a haven for them.
  • Redirect their activity: When you find your cat clawing or scratching your furniture, pick them up and put them on the cat tree. They would get the sense that they could continue their activities here.

Remember not to punish your cats for their behaviour. Your furniture may get damaged due to scratching and clawing. To prevent this, you may consider cat-proofing your house if you are planning to welcome feline friends to your home.

Save Your Furniture from Clawing

Instead of punishing your cats for their behaviour, try to get them what they want. Cat trees are the only solution to keep your cats from clawing and scratching through every piece of furniture. Cat trees are great for you and your cats.

Now that you know how to save your furniture from destruction, buy cat trees online. Both you and your cat will be happy. In addition, you will have a happy and more active feline at home. After all, you all like to keep your pets happy.

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