Everything You Should Know About Dog Leashes

Leashes for pups are available in various styles, lengths and widths. There is a leash for every dog breed that covers many applications in everyday life and training. You can choose any leash while taking your dog for exercise or a walk. But if you are trying to teach a skill or deal with a specific behaviour, the leash choice can make a lot of difference. Therefore, choosing a standard, long or short leash depends on several factors.

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What are the different types of dog leashes available?

Standard dog leash: This is the most commonly used log leash, usually made from flat woven nylon and sometimes in leather or any roped material.

Short dog leashes: They are also called city or traffic leashes that offer good control in crowded or small spaces.

Long dog leash: A long leash with a harness provides good control and can be great if you take your dog out on a hike.

Longline leash: This is primarily used in field dog training and also provides a lot of freedom for the dog to roam.

Rope slip lead: Here, the leash and collar are combined and are best for training your dogs.

What are the lengths of each type of leash?

  • A short leash is usually four feet long or even shorter.
  • A Standard leash can be six feet long.
  • Long leashes can vary from eight to ten feet.
  • Longline leashes and check cords are usually 15 feet or more.

When should you use a standard leash?

A standard leash is the most preferred option among the majority of dog owners. It offers good control and some room for the dog to roam. You should try loose leash walking with a standard-sized leash to reverse the pulling habit of your dog.

When should you use a long leash?

You can use long leashes to train your dog. With a long leash, you can train your dog to respond to commands like sit, stay, leave and come.

It can also give the dog some freedom to explore and wander. Before using a long leash, you must ensure your dog is trained in controlled situations.

Also, using a long leash requires you to remain attentive so that it doesn’t drag on the ground or wrap around your pet’s legs or a tree. Moreover, if you want to take no chance with your dog’s safety, attach the leash to the back clip of the harness.

When should you use a short leash?

A short leash offers better control than a standard or long leash. It can be a good choice for you if your dog tends to pull or become unpredictable around other people and dogs. Short leashes can also come in handy if you walk your dog in an urban environment with heavy traffic and crowded sidewalks.

When should you use a slip lead?

If your dog pulls while walking and is struggling to walk the right way, a slip lead can help you with it. The lead should be under the dog’s chin or behind its ears to indicate corrections. Be careful not to put the collar over your dog’s windpipe or pull or yank too tightly.

You must assess all your needs before you proceed with your lease purchase. Consider if you are going to use it for training outdoors or indoors. Remember, leash training can start by letting the pup wear it around the house. So, choose the right leash and have the patience to train your dog to walk politely on it.

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