3 Things You Need To Know About The NDIS In Australia

Being Australia’s first national disability scheme, the NDIS provides all the necessary funding to disabled Australians. The scheme also offers various other programmes like Supported Independent Living and Short Term Accommodation NDIS services.

There are various benefits that the NDIS provides to disabled people in the country:

  1. It allows people with disabilities to gain more time with their friends and families so that they can make memories with their loved ones without any setbacks.
  2. The scheme gives more independence to disabled people, giving them more freedom and allowing them to make their decisions without leaning on their families.
  3. They will also learn new skills by participating in various learning programmes, making them either job-ready or academically efficient, giving more opportunities for them to pursue subjects that pique their interest.
  4. The scheme also brings net worth disabled members together to volunteer for charities and events in the community and build a lot of self-worth and self-respect by giving back to people who need help.

All-in-all, the NDIS is fundamental in improving the quality of life for disabled Australians by helping them learn new skills and getting them acquainted with like-minded individuals, showering them with opportunities that were otherwise nonexistent for such people.

The NDIS also helps connect people with disabilities to essential services in the community. Libraries, clinics, support groups as well as educational services and government support are all under the umbrella of the NDIS and get people to all the services and needs that they require.

NDIS Eligibility:

  1. Participants who want to access the services of the NDIS must be aged between 7 and 65. This includes children below 18 getting help with their schooling and learning and people of legal working age getting the required help in finding a job or the appropriate accommodation.
  2. Applicants must prove that they are citizens of Australia with the help of valid government-issued documents. Permanent visa holders and visa holders in the protected category can apply for the scheme.
  3. Participants must have a disability that hinders their daily activities and impedes their productivity. If there are no known treatments, the disability can be considered permanent and lifelong. Disabilities can be cognitive, sensory, physical, intellectual, neurological or psychiatric.

Applying For The NDIS

Disabled Australians can apply for the scheme, including the Supported Independent Living and Short Term Accommodation NDIS services. Follow these steps to apply for the NDIS:

  1. Call the toll-free number available on their official website and make a verbal application stating all the required details. Verbal applications will require the participant to confirm their identity and that of another person who will act on their behalf. Applicants will also need to provide consent for the regulations regarding the NDIS.
  2. An access request form can be downloaded from the official website. Complete it and send it back along with any copy of the documents required. Access forms are available at the office of the local coordinators or the NDIS office in the area.
  3. Documents that are sent along with the application prove eligibility, proof of residence and medical reports stating the nature of the disability.

Applicants who are not eligible for trendingbird the NDIS can look into various other programmes and schemes offered by the Australian government for disabled people. Contact the local area coordinator to get in touch with these services; more resources are available on the official website.

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